Ninela Ivanova is an interdisciplinary designer, who specialises in novel materials, design probes, multi-sensory design, fashion tech and participatory innovation.

Ninela thoroughly enjoys working co-creatively with individuals and groups of people, to unfold new opportunities for design thinking and production. She has worked with collaborators and participant groups from science, design, public, academic and industry sectors.

Through the development of participatory workshops that intersect design practice and science, Ninela was introduced to the concept of neuroplasticity, and began to see the potential for intelligent design of products to educate, communicate, and inspire audiences towards innovation, collaboration, and new futures on a personal, professional, and global scale.

Ninela is an effective communicator and has presented her research and design practice at various national and international platforms, such as the 1st Global Disability Innovation Summit (London, 2017), the 10th International Design & Emotion Conference (Amsterdam, 2016), WEAREABLE (Paris, 2016) and Fashion & the Senses (London, 2015).

In 2016, Ninela was awarded a PhD in Design Research from Kingston University London. The main focus of her research was the development of design probes and engagement methods to advance understanding of challenging concepts intersecting fashion, materials, sensory experiences and human perception.

Sebastian Cox_Ninela Ivanova_Mycelium+Timber_Petr Krejci Photography_36-rs

Ninela sitting on a Mycelium + Timber stool beneath mycelium light shades: a collaborative project with furniture design studio Sebastian Cox. Photography by Petr Krejci